Phone Systems & Networking

Business Services

Phone Systems

Communication Specialist 

Our goal is to fully understand your needs and use our experience to give you the best service at the best price.  Northwest Security Inc. has trained technicians with the ability to assist you with any of your communications needs.

  • Telephone and data install, troubleshoot, and repair
  • Cloud and Hardwired Telephone Systems: Sales, Service and Maintenance
  • PBX (telephone systems): Installation, Maintenance, Service, Moves / Adds/ Changes
  • Telephones: Sales and Software Upgrades
  • Computer / Phone Cable Installation 
  • Rewire Existing Jacks, Add New Jacks, Move Service and Any Telephone System. 



Computer Networking

Computer Network

Secure Confidential Information

In the world of high technology, not only is it imperative that we secure our doors and windows, but we must actively work to keep our networks secure too! Northwest Security Inc. has trained technicians with the technological knowledge to secure your wireless network and ensure that you are protected at the highest levels.

  • Network Design & Installation
  • NInfrastructure Wiring
  • DSL troubleshooting, reconfiguration
  • Network Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Commercial Routers & Servers
  • CAT 5E / CAT 6 Wiring